Wednesday, February 22, 2012

homework hints

-- For problem 2, from Griffiths p. 441:  "If you know what a particular linear transformation does to a set of basis vectors, you can easily figure out what it does to any vector."  The trick is to work out how you would like a transformation to act on the basis vectors.   You'll find (and you might check) that your result works for an arbitrary vector.

-- For problem 3:  Based on what Griffiths has told you, you can work on the first two parts of the problem.  As Donaldo pointed out to me in the reading questions, Griffiths and I haven't told you enough to understand equation A.75, which is important for the third part (the part about eigenvectors of L_x).  Take a stab by guess-and-check, or we'll talk about it in class Friday.


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